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This company has developed our business with the customers year by year since the foundation in 1953. In the meantime, the industrial world has accomplished technological rapid progress, and the production systems have varied widely.
We have been working on developing the original printing technology which cannot be imitated by the competitors, and been advancing with the challenging spirit “To change an impossible matter into a possible matter” all the time.
As the result, nowadays we have succeeded to obtain the good reputation for “It should be Tobi.” of our customers, and have rendered services to the industrial world.
Our shrink film including a metalized layer which was commercialized first in the world and our novel and original in-mold transfer foil are the fruits of the technology of our company.
We are offering beautiful printings on all the substrates using such high printing technology.
We are proud of our mobility to be able to cope with the customers’ delicate requirements.
We will keep brushing “The technology only of Tobi” without forgetting the original intention.
We will feel happy if we can make even more contribution to the development of the industrial world.


Heat Transfer Foil

Our heat transfer foil is produced by highly advanced technology and knowhow cultivated through a long time in our company.
Our heat transfer foil enables you to decorate the goods colorfully utilizing the texture of the material of the container, such as plastics, metal, glass, etc. Design characteristic increases by incorporating metal evaporation layer, typically aluminum layer.

Heat Transfer Foil

In-Mold Transfer Foil

In-mold transfer foil is an application of heat transfer foil to the field of injection molding process.
By executing molding and decoration simultaneously, the production process is simplified, and thus the production cost can be decreased.
We are offering the in-mold transfer foil with excellent abrasion resistance by combining our originally developed hard coat layer and the heat transfer foil technology.

Our in-mold transfer foil is adopted in the field of cosmetics containers and domestic appliances, etc. as the foil which has both high design characteristic and excellent abrasion resistance.
Our foil is also applied in the field of mobile phones, mobile audio players, medical devices, etc.
Insert-mold film is also the film to execute molding and decoration simultaneously. But this film is fed to the die one sheet by one sheet, and the sheet is composed as a part of the molded product.
Therefore, it is possible to mold with deep drawing, and to increase the design characteristic by using specialty film.

In-Mold Transfer Foil

Shrink Film

Our shrink film including a metalized layer which was commercialized first in the world and our hot stamped shrink film show the superiority of our technology level.
Shrink film not only increases the visually colorful effect of the containers but also has the function to protect the containers. Therefore, it is utilized for low cost package.

Shrink Film

Wrapping Film and Pouch Pack

Our outstanding technology and novelty ideas realize laminated packaging film with the excellent shielding property and sustainability of flavors.

Wrapping Film and Pouch Pack

Pop Seal and Tuck label

Our POP seal sealed on the product greatly helps differentiate it from other products. Also, our tack label pasted on the container defines the product’s specific characteristics and components. Our printing technology has an outstanding noticeable beautiful finish. Even on the sales floor in large stores where many similar items are lined up, our products presence is not buried.

Packages and Labels

Pasteboard with Shrink Film & Eco NO KAMIWAZA

Pasteboard with Shrink Film

Currently, the most popular way to display cosmetics and small items in drug stores, mass merchandisers, etc. is the hanging type package.

Among them, the popularity of using shrink film and pasteboard combination on the packaging of your products attracts your consumers. Your products will be clear and visible by using the “Pasteboard with Shrink Film.”

After the product is put into the shrink film and then heated to mount the film on to the pasteboard, it becomes a convenient and ecological way to display the product. “Pasteboard with Shrink Film” is our patent and design of 20 years.

It is now a widely-used technology, but by adding our unique know-how, the range of usable fields of products expand dramatically. For example, by developing our own UV adhesive, we can also use it for products with product material, size and weight. Moreover, it is only our company's technology that we can do it for closing the upper part of the product and then put on the pasteboard. Our newly introduced equipment is capable of handling mass production of 2 million pieces from various types of small lot. Please use our "pasteboard with shrink film” in various product packages for your products.

" Eco NO KAMIWAZA " is an ecological one-touch loading case made of all-paper. You can load it very easily by loading the product from the bottom of the package. Furthermore, due to the special structure of the inner wrap, there are no worries about product dropping or removing from bottom. Of course, you can put an original printing into the case, also can you add a POP seal to the side part. It will be a real good package that considers the global environment by using recycled paper etc.

Moreover, it is easy for consumers to open the zipper which has a tamper-resistant effect on products. It is easy to separate garbage because it is made of all paper ( * it is not a film window sticker). Novel designs and functions (* patent pending) that have never existed before are not only for enhancing the attention degree but also for hanging and standing display use, so that it can be utilized for a wide range of products.


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